create free ssl / https with nginx and yii2 using letsencrypt

Update your sources.list apt, in my case. I using debian 8 with nginx and yii2 is my php framework. add this source code like this following below if you are using Jessie : Using your console, update your repository like below :  nano /e


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Yii2 create project with adminlte basic and advanced easyly

Super fast create application using Yii2 Basic Template with feature like adminlte, chat, whatsapp messaging, ckeditor, todolist, whatsapp, graphic, signup form, easy rbac manager using dbmanager and many many feature I will show you how to deploy Y


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Yii2 RBAC DbManager

Yii2 RBAC dengan menggunakan DBManager sudah disediakan oleh team Yii. Kita hanya perlu menggunakan console untuk menggunakan nya, sebelumnya anda bisa lihat terlebih dahulu di situs resmi Yii Access. Untuk memulainya anda hanya perlu menambahkan co


yii2 composer KE XAMPP FOLDER PHP===================php.exe -r "readfile('');" | php.exephp.exe composer.phar self-updatephp composer.phar globa


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Yii2 Chat menggunakan Admin lte

Framework PHP sekarang sudah mirip bahasa Ruby, hampir semua widget, module atau extension bisa download dengan menggunakan console. Saya ingin membagi tutorial pembuatan widget untuk chat secara sederhana dengan media GIT dan packagist. Karena Yii2


setting nginx with multiple location

My PHP programming companions with nginx and hhvm for the best configuration. sometime we need some many location or doc root or maybe some many virtual server. nginx consists of modules which are controlled by directives specified in the configurat