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Nodejs Part 3 Streaming

Streaming A stream is an abstract interface implemented by various objects in Node. For example a request to an HTTP server is a stream, as is stdout. Streams are readable, writable, or both. All streams are instances of EventEmitter You can load t


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Nodejs Part 2 events

Events and EventEmitter  Many objects in Node emit events: a net.Server emits an event each time a peer connects to it, a fs.readStream emits an event when the file is opened. All objects which emit events are instances of events.EventEmit


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Nodejs Part 1 http server

What is Nodejs  Allows you to build scalable network applications using Javascript on the server side. What could you build - Websocket Server (like chatting system)- Fast File Upload Client- Ad Server- Any Real-Time Data Apps What i


create vpn

wget sudo sh


Backup Files dan Database di Linux ke dropbox

Backup database dan file cukup mudah dengan menggunakan uploader dari andrea fabrizi, dengan asumsi anda sudah punya account dropbox. Langsung buka console anda, contohnya adalah saya masuk ke folder home di linux dan coba buat file dengan nama back


MongoDB World

Install MongoDB : windows : Download .msi file at  double click in your  .msi file, and then choise your destination folder.   Configuration : Open your console, windows Run -> cmd . go to


Meteor JS The Best Tutorial Completed Part I

Kalau anda masih bingung dengan konsep bahasa ini, anda bisa bayangkan gambar di samping ini, karena meteorjs sangat mudah dan cepat dalam proses production dibandingkan dengan bahasa lain semisal PHP yang sudah menjamur di dunia ini. Saya tidak aka


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Masuk ke console ssh: download bitvise kalau di windows, kemudian masuk ke console : sudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get upgrade Install NGINX Petunjuk instalasi Nginx sendiri ada di tergantung dari plat


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Yii2 create project with adminlte basic and advanced easyly

Super fast create application using Yii2 Basic Template with feature like adminlte, chat, whatsapp messaging, ckeditor, todolist, whatsapp, graphic, signup form, easy rbac manager using dbmanager and many many feature I will show you how to deploy Y


Create Application using MeteorJs

Instalasi instalasi meteorjs di linux sangat mudah, cukup dengan: curl | sh di windows, anda bisa download file exe, disini install editor dengan memakai webstorm, s