Create QRCODE dynamic is so simple with link to You just need add src attribute in your img tag like this following code :

<img src="" />


Property for this QrCode :

  1. Text : text=string (default = My Text)
  2. Label : label=string (default = My Label)
  3. Size : size=number (default = 300)
  4. Padding : padding=number (default = 10)
  5. Font Size : fontSize=number (default = 16)


Property with url[your attribute and value here..]

Example with properties:

  1. Text = Hi I am QRCODE
  2. Label = My First QRCODE
  3. and then i will add size = 150, padding =20, font-size =default

HTML Code like this following :

<img src=" I am QRCODE&label=My First QRCODE&size=150&padding=20" />

The image like this:







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