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If you are fond of traveling, this startup may be suitable for you. Along with the growth of Indonesian public taste for traveling, and supported by an interest to visit Indonesia,  TourExplora launched a marketplace for travel agents to sell their tour packages.

Remember the days when you have to visit different offices or travel agent site in order to compare the package that suits your group trip? I remember, and it's quite annoying to do. Things like this are exactly the problems to be solved by TourExplora. You can visit their website which basically is a place that contains all the major travel agency, you can search for packages suited to fit your needs.

TourExplora basically acts like a market where travel agents can upload their travel packages to TourExplora site, which until now could be done for free, but Dicky Johan, Director TourExplora said that they will soon charge based quotas for tour packages. More travel packages uploaded the more you pay. Fair and honest.

TourExplora also provides tourist destinations, attractions, reviews of users, and of course photos. Johan stated that they will focus on efforts to get more and more travel agents to join, it's more of a B2B business is not B2C. The logical step for the leisure market in Indonesia has grown rapidly and organically, they do not really need to do anything with it, except to direct them to the appropriate agent.

They are also planning to add a feature where you can see the "social stream" of the reviews user location and a variety of tour packages. Unfortunately, the back-end of the service is not as sophisticated as you might think. Usually this kind of site will be the host of the communication between travel agents and customers, or including payments could form one TourExtra monetization strategy. TourExplora not have it, they simply allow travel agents and customers to communicate via  email. Old school stuff.


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